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Project Sakala

With the support from Sakala Mission, Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms, Government of Karnataka, Radio Active aired 12 episodes focused on Sakala and its components. The Project included the airing of 12 radio programs (30 minutes duration) and four spots/day (25 seconds). Through this project, Radio Active aimed at easy dissemination of information regarding Sakala, to be a platform for the community members to share their experiences regarding the same, and facilitate discussions and interactions with the authorities concerned. The station has also organized three community gatherings.

Project Period:
February- April 2014
Total Radio Programmes 12
Community Meetings 3
(The series will continue post elections)

The radio programs and community gatherings focused on:
• Introduction to the Act
• Departments and Services Provided
• Procedure for filing a request
• Grievance mechanisms
• Beneficiary stories
• Interaction with authorities


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