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Project Samartha

Project Samartha- Livelihood Program to Strengthen the Informal Waste Workers in the BBMP jurisdiction, sought to integrate the informal waste sector into the city’s existing solid waste management program. The project aimed at improving the working conditions of waste workers in the informal sector, thereby addressing a very important function of poverty alleviation. Through the formation of collectives to provide dry waste collection services to bulk generators of waste, it was expected that a significant component of waste is retrieved thereby reducing recyclables and non-biodegradable waste going to landfills/dumpsites. However, to achieve this, it was extremely important for waste-pickers to undergo training to increase their capacity to become service providers of waste management. Through the parent organization, the station received the two projects- One was to Strengthen Waste Workers in the East Zone and the second one was to provide training to waste pickers

• Formed three Waste-picker collectives in the East zone = 18 members (Each collective has 6 members)
• 84 members opened SB accounts in their areas and 84 waste picker children opened a bank account
• Enumeration of 134 waste pickers and 102 scrap dealers
• Conducted 88 waste-pickers colony and group meetings.
• 15 waste picker colonies identified
• 51 waste pickers from the East zone attended waste picker training
• Conducted one program on bonded labor for waste pickers
• Opened 5 preschools at waste picker colony in the east zone
• 104 waste children done scholarship in the east zone
• 22 widow pension don in Shanthi Nagar
• Conducted adhaar camp in sagaya Puram ward totally 84 members done
• Total radio programs - 43


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